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You can find “how-to” videos and instructions online for DIY appliance repair but the truth is it’s harder than it looks. Your kitchen and household appliances are multi-thousand dollar investments. We recommend hiring a professional service instead. Here are common appliance repair problems to troubleshoot before calling a repairman:

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dishwasher overflowing


Dishwashers are one of the appliances that we are grateful for. The appliance helps us to clean our dishes effectively and efficiently, and we come to rely on them heavily. Therefore, when the dishwasher stops functioning, then one becomes stressed. You can use the average dishwasher for seven to twelve years.

Don’t be too worried if it breaks down at some point because research shows that one in every five dishwashers malfunctions on the third or fourth year. What you can do is equip yourself with the knowledge of some of the common problems your dishwasher can experience that might require repair. Here are some of them.


One of the reasons homeowners love dishwashers is their ability to clean the dishes efficiently. Therefore, when the plates are not clean, then it means that the dishwasher has a malfunction. When mineral or detergent accumulates in the sprayer arm nozzle, the dishes will come out dirty. That is why it is advisable to use a dishwasher cleaner at least twice every year to reduce the chances of clogging.


If your rack doesn’t roll then your dishwasher may not function properly. The problem could be that the wheels or rollers may be damaged. You can check this by getting out the rack from its position. If the rollers are the problem then you need new ones installed, and your dishwasher will continue to work correctly.

Keep in mind that you need to buy the same type of rollers as the ones your dishwasher currently has so it can work well with the dishwasher. Sometimes, the issue may only be that the rack had moved from its track. In this case, realign the rack properly, and all will be well.


Your dishwasher should not spill water on the floor, and if it does, then it means that there is a problem. The problem might be cracks or damage or vast amounts of debris in the dishwasher that make it difficult for the door to be entirely sealed. Another reason is that the float switch could be fixed in the downward position. Thus, the dishwasher gets full, and the excess water overflows on the floor. Your best plan is to hire an appliance repair service:


A dishwasher can fail to drain water, and this can be one of the most frustrating things ever. If the drain hose or the filter section gets clogged, then the water will fail to drain because these parts could be attached to the garbage disposal section. Thus, if the sections get clogged then the water will not find its way to the garbage disposal.


Your dishwasher is supposed to clean your dishware which means that it should not have a bad smell. The putrid smell could be a result of old, wet food getting stuck in the dishwasher’s screen. It could also be a result of a plastic plate melting on the heating part of the dishwasher.


One of the reasons we like dishwashers is that they not only clean dishware but dry them up as well. Therefore, if your dishes are not dry then something could be wrong with your dishwasher. The heating element in the appliance may be faulty. You may need a professional to install another one.

If you experience problems with your dishwasher, you should call a technician to look at it.


You may have several appliances in your home, but you’ll notice that you use the dryer more frequently than most of the other machines. If you have a dryer, then you will not worry about going to school with dirty or damp clothes. If your dryer stops working, then you may have these worries. Here are some of the common dryer issues that may need repairs.


If you discover that your clothes are not completely dry, the natural thing to do is to turn on the dryer again. After a few attempts with no change, it is normal to become frustrated especially when there seems to be no problem with the dryer. With time, the clothes will be thoroughly wet even after running a full cycle in the dryer. The heating element might be faulty making it difficult for the dryer to spin. The ductwork might be clogged, and this could cause the dryer not to dry clothes. Cleaning the duct might do the trick and replacing the heating element if that’s the problem.


A dryer should dry your clothes and not burn them. If you realize that items get burned when you put them in the dryer, then it means that there is too much heat in the appliance. This means that the dryer cannot regulate the heat it produces so that it can only give off the amount of heat that you need to dry off the laundry. A clogged vent can be the cause of too much heat because it makes the unit to have excess heat. If this is the reason for overheating then the lint and other substances may be sucked out with the help of a vacuum. The thermostat may stop working correctly, and this can also make the dryer to burn your clothes. A professional dryer maintenance specialist will help you identify and fix the problem.


One issue with the dryer that you should never ignore is the drum failing to spin. The motor may hum when you begin the drying cycle, but the drum does not spin. The reason could be something simple like a worm out dryer which means that you could buy a replacement belt and continue using your dryer. The motor or idler pulley may also be faulty, making it impossible for the drum to spin. These can also be replaced.


Dryers have gone through upgrades, and the current ones have components that lower noise and vibration. Therefore, if the sound coming from your dryer is too loud, then something may be wrong. If the dryer is placed on an uneven level on the floor, it can vibrate. All you need to do is make sure it is on a level place. If some parts of the dryer such as the drum bearings or supports become worn out, the dryer will produce a noisy sound. An appliance technician may help to fix the latter problem.

Dryers can have issues once in a while. It is useful to have an idea of what’s going with your dryer if it doesn’t seem to be working correctly.

refrigerator repairman


If you own a refrigerator, then you can relate to the scenario of opening your fridge and discovering that something is wrong. If you had just stocked the fridge, then you will get into ‘panic mode.’ However, you shouldn’t be so scared because the situation can be salvaged. Here are some of the common problems refrigerators face that require repair.


One of the most common complaints about refrigerator is that sometimes, the temperature isn’t cold enough. There can be many reasons why this happens. The fridge fan may be faulty so you should listen for the sound of the evaporator fan running. If it’s not then the fan may have issues. If the fan is working, but cool air is not flowing, then the compressor may have a problem or the evaporator might have too much frost.


Sometimes, you may notice excess ice in the freezer section. This is not a good sign because it can mean that the freezer drain hole or line is clogged. As tempting as it might be to get rid of the clogs yourself, do not do it. It might seem simple, but it’s advisable to have a professional handle it because he or she will use specialized equipment that you may not have. You might damage something in your refrigerator if you use a harmful material to unclog the drain hole.


The fridge usually produces a sizzling sound when it is defrosting so this shouldn’t scare you. This sound is never continuous and typically stops after a few minutes. However, a buzzing noise is a cause for alarm and one of the reasons that fridges are taken for repair. When there is ice build-up in the evaporator fan, your fridge will produce the buzzing sound. It can also happen because of an electrical wiring issue, and thus it is not a good idea to try and fix the problem because you might experience an electric shock.


You might wonder why water is leaking from the fridge if the fridge’s temperature is normal. Well, it could be because of a faulty filter housing, ice maker or water valve among others. You can check the source of the water under your fridge. A flashlight will come in handy at this point. The problem might be as easy as replacing the faulty item.


Sometimes, you may not know exactly what’s wrong with your fridge, but all you know is that it is not working correctly. Fridges can stop working because of various reasons such as a power surge that could have destroyed the electronic control board. This is where you pick up a refrigerator repair company to come help you out.

It is never a good idea to repair an appliance yourself. I’m sure you wouldn’t try to repair your car or roof by yourself if you don’t have the necessary skills. The same should apply to your refrigerator. You should have it checked by an local appliance repair service right away: Hart Appliance Repair


A freezer might be one of the most useful things you can have in your kitchen. Freezers make work so simple because they help to preserve food for later use which also saves money because the food will not go bad and you won’t have to throw food out. Using a freezer is so simple. However, freezers are also prone to malfunctions just like other appliances. Here are some of the problems typically associated with freezers.


It may sound strange when someone says that their freezer is too cold because a freezer should be cold. However, too much of anything is dangerous, and this is undoubtedly true for a freezer with extremely cold temperatures.

The defrost heater in the fridge performs the role of melting the frost that builds-up on the evaporator coils. When it is not in good working condition then frost will accumulate, air will not flow correctly and the refrigerator will not get cold air, and so the freezer will become excessively cold. A technician determines the specific component of the defrost heater that has a problem.


If you notice your freezer giving off strange noises, then you may want to check your evaporator fan motor. If it is faulty, then you’ll have to buy another one. The freezer usually makes some sounds, and it is essential to know the sounds to avoid confusing them with a sign that something is wrong with the freezer.

The icemaker makes clicking sounds when producing ice, gurgling sounds when the water is leaving the evaporative coil and sizzling sounds during the defrosting cycle and a whirring sound when the speed fan is doing its job. You should inspect the various components of the refrigerator to see if you’ll notice any problem. If everything is working fine apart from the sound, then that might mean that the sound is a result of the freezer doing its job.


When a freezer is new, it usually runs continuously for about 24 hours then it becomes stable and stops running constantly. If your freezer is more than a few hours old and it keeps running, it might be a sign that things are not running as they should.

The first apparent reason for a freezer that keeps running is a faulty thermostat. The thermostat is supposed to control the compressor and regulate the time that it runs or not. If the refrigerant that is located in the sealed system stops functioning well, it may cause the thermostat to malfunction and hence a continuously running freezer.


If frost is accumulating in your freezer then it’s time to have that defrost heater checked. If the gaskets doors are not completely sealed then it might lead to the formation of frost. If the freezer is open at a time when frost covers it, the frost will not melt. Instead, the frost will build-up inside the freezer.

Check your freezer to see if the food packages go beyond the freezer’s door if there’s a drawer that is partially sealed or an ice tin that is not fully covered and rectify the situation. Calling a technician to look at the freezer is also an excellent idea.

broken washing machine


You may never know the essential part that a washing machine plays in your life until it breaks down. To say that you will be stressed is an understatement. However, not every problem your washing machine gets is a cause for alarm. Some are simple issues that you can solve while others need to be repaired by a technician.


Your washing machine shouldn’t be leaking. Therefore, you need to pay closer attention to it if you notice that there is water around it after you’ve done laundry. The most common reason for a leaky washing machine is a leaky hose. You can check the connections to be sure that everything is in place.

You can also check the drain in the home that is linked to the washing machine’s drain hose. If the house drain is clogged, then water doesn’t flow through but goes back to the drain hose. That could be the reason for the leak. If the washing machine continues to leak, then you need to call a technician.


Your washing machine can fail to rotate because of a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons may be that you have put in too many clothes at the same time. When the washing machine is overloaded, it may fail to spin as it should. If this is the case then the solution is simple; reduce the load in the machine.

Another reason why your machine may refuse to spin is if the switch inside the washing machine is faulty. The solution, in this case, is replacing the switch. When the belts and motor in the washing machine get damaged or worn, the washer won’t spin. An object stuck in the drain pump can also have the same effect on the washer.


When an object gets stuck somewhere in the washing machine, the machine will give off a loud noise. The sound can also be a sign that there’s a part that is worn out and should be taken out and a new one installed. If you hear a gurgling sound, then an object may be stuck in the drain line, but it hasn’t clogged the hose. You can remove the object.

A clicking sound may be a sign that something (such as a coin) is stuck in the washer drain. A humming or buzzing sound is an indicator that an object is stuck in the washer pump. This may damage your pump, and you may have to get a new pump if the damage is severe.


If your washing machine has a low flow then it will not work efficiently. That is why you need to pay attention to it. If the filter is clogged, then the water flow will be low. It can also happen when the supply hose has a problem so your washer will not get enough water.

You should check the hose to make sure it is straight so that water can flow freely. If the hose if not the problem then you need to call a technician because the problem could be in the inlet valve or the control unit.

The next time your washing machine acts up, you may have an idea of what could be wrong. You will also know when to call a technician.


We all have different appliances in the kitchen, and one of them is the stove. You may take good care of your stove, but it will still face some issues at some point. These are some of the common stove repairs you should know about.


If your stove cannot light, then you have a problem because you won’t be able to use it until the problem is fixed. The issue, in this case, is usually connected to the internal circuitry. If the broil element stops working or if the internal fuse blows then the appliance will not work.

Apart from short-circuiting, other reasons a stove may refuse to start is faulty components such as a problem with the electronic control board, bake part or safety valve. A professional is better equipped to identify the exact issue with the stove.


If your stove refuses to heat, then it has a problem. One of the issues could be with the surface element switch. The surface element coil needs voltage which enables a stove to heat. When the surface element switch is faulty, then it will not be able to provide the surface element coil with the voltage it needs, and the stove won’t heat.

If you suspect that the surface element switch is the problem, then you need to call a technician to look at it. The switch has a high voltage, and a wrong move could result in an electric shock. You should not know that it’s not possible to test or repair the surface element switch. If it has a problem, then the only solution is to buy another one.


If the burner is clogged, then it will not light correctly, and the result will be a soft flame. Air cannot flow smoothly through the burner if the burner is clogged. Your stove could also behave the same if it has too little gas.


The stove is supposed to be hot, but if it is too hot, then there’s a problem. The first reason could be that the temperature sensor is not in good working condition. The work of the temperature sensor is to check the stove’s temperature and alert the controls on when to turn the stove on and off.

When the sensor is not working, then it cannot give these signals which means that the stove cannot go off. Eventually, the temperatures rise, and the stove becomes too hot. A multi-meter will come in handy if you want to check whether the sensor is working or not.


If the stove has excess gas or air then the flame will come out with some noise. The air shutter can help you determine if the stove has plenty of air in it. If you keep experiencing the issue of too much air then a technician should have a look at it.

Handling stove can result in accidents. That is why it is advisable to call a professional who can maintain and repair your gas stove.